Finding My Virginity

Finding My Virginity – Sir Richard Branson

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Christmas Choice 2017

50 years ago, Sir Richard Branson started his first business. In his new autobiography, Finding My Virginity, the Virgin Founder shares his personal, intimate thoughts on five decades as the world’s ultimate entrepreneur.

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It’s been 50 years since Branson started his first business selling records. In his new autobiography he tells more about just how he’s managed to create 12 different billion-dollar companies, plus countless other smaller businesses, since then. Not to mention his encounters with people like Mandela, Bill Gates, Beyonce etc ….and not to mention all the public service he’s involved in…or how he juggled raising his 2 children and sustained a marriage. And in case life was just a bit too slow…how he created the first commercial space line: Virgin Atlantic. Open, engagingly written and fascinating.


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