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  • Mischievous Little Rabbit

    A Mischievous Little Rabbit – Beatrix Potter

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    A Mischievous Rabbit: And Other Tales of Animal Derring-do is a specially chosen collection of Beatrix Potter’s original tales that follow some of Potter’s most adventurous characters.

  • A Perfect Storm

    A Perfect Storm (Antisemitism in South Africa 1930 – 1948) – Milton Shain

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    Shortlisted for 2016 Media 24 Literary Awards.

    The interwar years were a tumultuous time in South Africa. The effects of the worldwide economic slump gave rise to a huge number of ‘poor whites’ and fed the growth of a militant and aggressive Afrikaner nationalism that often took its lead from Nazi Germany. For a great number of whites, both English – and Afrikaans – speakers, the Jew was an unwelcome and disturbing addition to society.

  • A Spool of Blue Thread

    A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler

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    Tyler is a prolific author and I have only read two of her previous novels: Breathing Lessons and Accidental Tourist – both of which I loved. She is known for her well-realised characters and family sagas and her new book is a no exception. The story of the Witshank family across three generations is told in such a masterful way that even though it’s a story of an average family it becomes a compelling masterpiece. I think this is partly Tyler’s gift. Her characters are complex, likable, quirky and very realistically flawed people who become ‘real in the telling’. Abby and Red are growing old and their children come together at the family home to discuss how they are going to help them. There are rivalries, jealousies and all the expected dysfunction inherent in all families. Tyler writes sensitively, often with gentle humour and insight. Highly recommended.

  • A Strangeness in My Mind

    A Strangeness in My Mind by Orhan Pamuk

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    Winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize for literature, and an author known for his enduring love for his home city Istandbul, Orhan Pamuk has written  his masterpiece, A Strangeness in My Mind. Briefly, although it’s hard to be brief with a book such as this, the story follows the life of Mevlut, a boza (fermented drink) seller, and his family from 1969 to 2012 in Istanbul. Mevlut’s personal history is set against a backdrop of Istanbul, and described from his view point. Forty years of change, socially, culturally, politically is experienced, and retold through the simplicity of his yearnings, desires and experiences. This is a remarkably written book, multilayered and dense with meaning and description. The monumental approach of the novel is kept in tight rein with Pamuk’s simple, stirring and often ironic prose. Don’t be put off by the sheer length and scale of it; highly recommended.

  • Thousand Splendid Suns - 9780747585893

    A Thousand Splendid Suns – Khaled Hosseini

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    Miriam is a harami, an illegitimate child, who is forced to marry Rasheed when she is only fifteen. Laila is a strong independent young woman who is planning on studying at university when, some years later, she too catches the eye of Rasheed and becomes his second wife.

  • Thousand Tales Of Johannesburg

    A Thousand Tales Of Johannesburg – Harry Kalmer

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    Sunday Times Literary Awards 2018 – Barry Ronge Fiction Prize Winner

    A Thousand Tales Of Johannesburg is Harry Kalmer’s spellbinding ode to Johannesburg and its people.

  • Aankoms En Vertrek

    Aankoms En Vertrek – Pat Stamatélos

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    Stamatélos se nuutste boek sal haar lesers nie teleurstel nie. Sy het ‘n kenmerkende styl waarmee sy ‘n ligte aanslag gebruik om ernstige lewenskwessies in die kollig te plaas. Hierdie verhaal handel grootliks oor ‘n broer en suster wat nie net hul eie spoke konfronteer nie, maar ook met mekaar moet vrede maak.

  • ab-afr

    AB: Die Outobiografie – AB de Villiers

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    AB de Villiers is sonder twyfel een van die beste kolwers wat krieket nog ooit opgelewer het, maar sy prestasies strek veel verder as sy ongelooflike arsenaal dryf-, trek-, skep-, kap- en veeghoue. Of hy nou die tuisskares by die Wanderers of Nuweland laat jubel, of in Bengaluru of Sydney nuwe rekords opstel, die vriendelike krieketheld speel ‘n vreeslose, vurige spel wat miljoene Suid-Afrikaners trots maak en altyd ‘n positiewe beeld van sy land uitstraal.

  • Sale

    AB: The Autobiography – AB de Villiers

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    This is a must-read for any cricket fan. AB de Villiers is one of the best players in the history of the game, and his life story will be of interest to many. Growing up in the shadow of two older brothers, AB has always been driven by a desire to achieve and to prove himself. As he says in the book, he wants to be remembered as a “fighter.”

  • About Last Night

    About Last Night – Catherine Alliott

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    There’s a place for the light-hearted and funny read, a beacon in the currently popular sea of serial killers and Nordic Noir. With that in mind, About Last Night will buoy you up and make you giggle. Molly is trapped in the country after her husband dies, leaving her with three children to rear and very little money to do it with.

  • Adrenalien

    Adrenalien deur Leon van Nierop

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    Leon van Nierop kom hier met ‘n fassinerende verhaal vorendag. Gustaf Prinsloo het ‘n treffer-riller geskryf en dring daarop aan om self die draaiboek te skryf vir die film wat daarvan gemaak gaan word. Hy het egter ‘n probleem: sy muse werk slegs as sy adrenalienvlakke hemelhoog is. Sy vrou, Elisma, het in daardie behoefte voorsien, maar nou het sy hom gelos. Dit pas hom dus hom goed as die filmvervaardiger hom na ‘n afgeleë Bosveldoord stuur om sy draaiboek te gaan skryf. In die vervalle geboue hou oorgenoeg spoke om sy adrenalien te laat vloei. Dan kry hy ook lukrake besoeke van die sexy Astrid, wat ‘n onwelkome oog oor sy draaiboek hou. Gustav kan moeilik onderskei tussen die spoke wat hom treiter en die realiteit, maar hier is genoeg adrenalien om sy draaiboek te laat vorder. Daar wag egter ‘n verrassing of twee in die ontknoping van die storie…

  • adulthood-is-a-myth

    Adulthood is a Myth – Sarah Andersen

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    These casually drawn, perfectly on-point comics by the hugely popular young Brooklyn-based artist Sarah Andersen are for the rest of us.