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Play Smart Brain Boosters (Paperback)

by Gakken
ISBN: 9784056212181
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Play Smart Brain Boosters Challenging 2-3 workbook focuses on the recognition of letters, shapes, and colors to support the development of preschool readiness skills.

In this workbook, children will:

1. Tackle tasks in a variety of ways. Depending on a child’s age, some problems may be a little too difficult. It’s important to encourage your child to approach tasks in different ways by referring to the tips in the “To Parents” section. When a task is complete, your child’s sense of accomplishment will help with their critical thinking skills and creativity.

2. Develop independence while working on tasks. Activities will include tasks related to getting dressed, cleaning up, and helping around the house. When an activity is finished, encourage your child to practically try it. This prompts children to be more aware of their surroundings.

3. Learn the names of animals, food, vehicles, and other things. While outside of your home, ask your child to review the things they learned in the activities. This will not only expand their vocabulary, but also stimulate their interest in the things around them.

4. Think about the environment. The “Go Green Activity Board” is an educational tool designed to help children learn that various living things reside together on earth. This helps raise awareness of environmental issues.