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  • 50 Must-See Geological Sites by Gavin Whitfield

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    Co-author of the successful Geological Journeys, Gavin Whitfield, has written a handy guide on fifty of the best known palaeontological and historical sites in South Africa. This accessible guide includes key features of the site, explanations of the landscape and rock formations, and topics of local and historical interest. It includes explanatory diagrams of some of the formations and loads of photographs. It even includes maps and GPS pointers to make finding the site easy.

  • Life is Like a Kudu Horn – Margaret Jacobsohn

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    Waking up to roaring lions near her doorless dung hut; encountering elephants while walking with other women to fetch water from a distant spring; realising that older Himba people saw themselves as part of nature, not as separated from it nor at its apex…

  • Sea Change – Craig Foster & Ross Frylinck

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    This remarkable book is one most special on our list this year. Craig Foster, award-winning filmmaker and naturalist, and Ross Frylinck, spent eight years diving and exploring the kelp forests and  the result:is an exquisite collection of photographs ( the most extensive ever published ) as well an exploration of the relationship between man and the sea, on a personal level and a wider human level.

  • The Ecology Book – DK

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    Explore ecology in this accessible introduction to how the natural world works and how we have started to understand the environment, ecosystems, and climate change.