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  • The Way I See It: The Musings of a Black Woman in the Rainbow Nation – Lerato Tshabalala

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    Lerato Tshablala, known from her column “Urban Miss” in the Sunday Times has become renown for her often contentious view-points on race-related matters. In her book, The Way I See it, she writes about her reality as a black woman in a white-dominated business world; her observations on gender stereotypes, cultural stereotypes and other inequalities in our country.

  • Wine, Women and Good Hope by June McKinnon

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    Genealogist June McKinnon traces the lineage of many well-known families that originated with the arrival of the Dutch in the Cape in the seventeenth century. The impact to the indigenous people already living here, as well as to the new arrivals, have helped to shape the nation we are today. Buckets of alcohol and some not-so-squeaky-clean ancestral behaviour described in a fun and witty narrative – that manages to be both entertaining and educational.