Birdseye – Maire Fisher


Bird, as she is known to her family, is the youngest in a family of six children. When her twin brothers go missing Bird starts to keep a journal of family events so she can update them on their return. The family lives in a mansion, overlooking a small fictitious town and harbour set near Simons Town. This is Bird’s grandmother’s home, and she rules it from her top storey lair. She is cruel and malicious and manipulates the family into total compliancy. What makes this book so special is the convincing voice of Bird as a child, as she records the years passing and the trials faced by the family. It is a story of love and loss, family dynamics and self-discovery, and its wonderful characters completely entranced me. I felt like a part of the family. This is a book to buy and keep with other favourites.

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As children growing up at Marchbanks, an imposing mansion built high on a hill above a Cape seaside town, Bird and her five siblings love to hear the story of how their father wooed their mother, but they don’t know much about the past of their reclusive grandmother, Ma Bess, who rules Marchbanks from its shadows and keeps her stories firmly locked in her cold heart.When Bird’s ten-year-old twin brothers Oliver and Oscar go missing after a day of fishing, Bird appoints herself the family scribe and begins writing to the brothers she refuses to believe are gone for good. The elderly Ma Bess may be the voice in command at Marchbanks, but Bird, the youngest in the family, becomes its all-seeing eye. If Bird learns the truth, though, can life at Marchbanks ever be the same?


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