Ghost Fire – Wilbur Smith

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Growing up in India, Connie and Theo Courtney were inseparable, but the death of their parents in 1754 creates a rift between them.

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Unsure of which path to take, Theo joins the army as a soldier in the French-Indian war. He eventually makes a promise that takes him to the colonies, farther away from his sister. Connie finds herself in a string of brutal situations before she is finally able to flee for France and reinvent herself. But her Parisian life is short-lived, and she is soon whisked off to the French front-lines in developing North America. 

Both siblings are driven by a hunger for retribution and salvation, but in their zeal they do not realise that Fate is bringing them together, closer to the demise that they have fought so hard to avoid. Readers familiar with the Courtneys will delight in having a new branch of the family to explore. Although this is the seventeenth book in the saga, it takes place much earlier in the chronology. For the casual reader, it provides an action-driven epic laced with depictions of colonial conflict, culture-clashes and hefty doses of betrayal and revenge.


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