Harry Hole #12: Knife – Jo Nesbo


As thriller writers go, they don’t get better than Jo Nesbo. His work is consistently dark and enthralling, his villains ingenious and cases complex. Over the course of eleven excellent novels, Harry Hole has been memorably established as a heavy-drinking, unorthodox, ambiguous and brilliant detective who has rightly earned his place in the canon of classic fictional crime-solvers.

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Knife is the twelfth Harry Hole novel and the character, like his creator, is as compelling as ever. In this novel, Harry is hardly keeping things together. His drinking is out of control, his home life has fallen apart and his heart is just not in his work.

One morning he wakes up with a hangover, covered in blood and unsure of how he got to this point. Before he is able to fill in the gaps, the body of a murder victim turns up and the investigation brings into focus an old and staggeringly dangerous foe. Not only does Harry know the victim, he is also chillingly familiar with the perpetrator. This is shaping up to be Hole’s most personally harrowing case yet. Boasting all the stark Nesbo trademarks, Knife is a fiercely intelligent gut-punch of a novel that weaves a deliciously shadowy net of deception and evil while revealing yet more of Harry Hole’s pain-riddled story.


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