Spud: Learning to Fly – John van de Ruit


As Spud Milton continues his diabolical stagger through adolescence, he learns one of life’s most important lessons: when dealing with women and cretins, nothing is ever quite as it seems. ‘I’m practically a man in most areas’, writes Spud confidently on his sixteenth birthday.

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For the uninitiated, this is the third novel in the phenomenally successful Spud series. The stories revolve around John ‘Spud’ Milton’s experiences in high school, and are written in a diary-format, each book representing one year. Author John van de Ruit has proudly called this his first novel as a ‘real’ author: the first Spud book was, he admits, a bit of an experiment, while its sequel, Spud – The Madness Continues . . ., he says was a rushed effort done under huge pressure to satisfy the demands of his publisher and of the public.

However, the books have been unbelievably popular, mainly due to the wit and charm of van de Ruit’s writing. This time around, Spud and his friends (the Crazy Eight) are a little more mature as the fallout from the previous year’s antics forces them to start acting their age. However, when an opportunity arises for them to spend an entire term at an all-girls’ school, chaos and hilarity are bound to follow. The result is the funniest and probably the most emotionally fulfilling book of the series.
By: Calvin Scholtz, Wordsworth Longbeach


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