The Ocean at the End of the Lane – Neil Gaiman


Dive into a magical novel of memory and the adventure of childhood, from one of the brightest, most brilliant writers of our generation. It began for our narrator forty years ago when the family lodger stole their car and committed suicide in it, stirring up ancient powers best left undisturbed.

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A middle-aged man visits the house he grew up in. He remembers an incident that happened when he was 7 years old: an evil spirit in the form of a pretty blonde babysitter threatened to break up his family.

And the only way to expel her is with the help of the three strange Hempstock women who live on the farm at the end of lane – women who are rumoured to be witches! A powerful and terrifying story seen through a child’s eyes.

By: Calvin Scholtz, Wordsworth Longbeach


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