The Testaments – Margaret Atwood


It has been a mind-boggling 34 years since The Handmaid’s Tale first arrived in book stores.

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That novel had an ambiguous ending with respect to the titular Handmaid, and for decades readers have wondered “what happened next?” Fans finally got some answers when the highly successful TV series adaptation was renewed for a second season, and the plot went beyond the end of the book – with Atwood serving as a story consultant. Nevertheless, the release of a sequel novel has been met with much excitement in the literary world.

The Testaments is set at least ten years after the first novel, maybe more, and so Atwood leaps far ahead of the plot of the TV series. It is difficult to say too much about this book without giving away the story. The novel is made up of the testimonials of three characters: one an aunt, and two adolescent girls, one growing up in Gilead and one living in Canada. Atwood’s writing is superb, and the short punchy chapters kept me gripped as if I were reading a thriller. The Testaments is short-listed for this year’s Booker Prize for Fiction.   


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