Vargic’s Miscellany of Curious Maps by Martin Vargic


This extraordinary book is an absolute must for map lovers. Described, rather enticingly, as a ‘wonderful, obsessive-compulsive absurdity’ it consists of a series of exquisitely detailed old-world style maps of various twenty-first century pop-culture phenomena, such as: The Map of YouTube, The Music Map, The Map of Stereotypes and The Corporate World Map. Vargic is original, inventive, humorous and insightful.

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Vargic’s Miscellany is a collection of 64 maps and infographics.

See the world mapped out by stereotypes; discover the Internet in cartographical form; marvel at the maps of global technology and culture; and explore the world through infographics and statistics.

This wonderful and strange atlas is a treasure trove of interesting, unexpected and bizarre facts – a glorious celebration of our big beautiful diverse world.


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