Yummy, Easy, Quick – Matt Preston


Matt Preston spends his waking hours pondering this central dilemma of modern life: we all want to eat delicious home-cooked food every night but none of us have any time.

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He gave us a solution with his 2017 bestseller, Yummy, Easy, Quick, and now he broadens the theme to include iconic dishes from the world’s great cuisines. Here are 130 recipes that you can’t quick believe can be prepared in 30 minutes or less: spicy curries, faster pastas, and sizzling stir-fries. You will learn how to finesse a pho in 15 minutes, serve up salt and pepper calamari from fridge to table in 30 minutes, and tackle tacos in less time than it takes to get the take away version delivered. As we have come to expect from Matt, the recipes are fully researched and tested, and they work every time. Matt includes a pantry list for each country, and handy hacks for perfecting each of these world cuisines. Yummy, Easy, Quick Around the World is Matt’s invitation to you to ditch the food delivery app and broaden your kitchen repertoire for healthier, tastier and cheaper eating every night of the week.


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