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Project Middle School (Alyssa Milano's Hope Book #1)

by Alyssa Milano
ISBN: 9781338329407
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Overly ambitious with the heart of a lion, eleven-year-old Hope joins every club in school, trying to save everyone and shine a light on everything. In each book, Hope will get involved with a cause she believes in.In the first book, Hope's friendship with an immigrant student convinces them both it's better to stand out than fit in. Graphic panels will illustrate Hope imagining and plotting alongside her diverse friends and superhero sidekicks: her two rescue dogs.But when she's not caped and dreaming, Hope's still just figuring out how to be a kid in middle school. How can she juggle soccer practice and save the world? Because even heroes like Hope have bad days. Days where she spills hot chocolate on her cape, when her math test is during a protest, and when her dogs eat her petition-literally. But on those days, she'll be fine. Because on those days, she'll have... hope.