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Bible Characters Visual Encyclopedia

by DK
ISBN: 9780241309612
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Introduce your child to more than 90 Bible characters and encourage a life-long love of God's word.

From Adam and Eve in the Old Testament to the stories of Jesus and the disciples in the New Testament, this is the ultimate visual guide to key characters in one of the most important books ever written.

From leaders and prophets to judges and apostles, learn the importance of the people of the Bible through detailed profiles. This Bible storybook retells the story of each character and explains their teachings and key quotations in a clear and simple way.

Packed with bright, colourful illustrations that bring these characters to life, this fascinating Bible reference book will capture any young reader's imagination and heart.

Open the pages of this children's biblical encyclopedia and discover why it's a treasure that belongs in every Christian home.

- More than 90 individual profiles, covering a full range of characters
- Clear and visual page-per-topic guide, complete with vivid illustrations
- Quotations from the Bible support understanding
- Context boxes help readers interpret the stories

Understand Who's Who in the Bible

This essential Christian book includes spreads focusing on particular biblical events that highlight a specific character's impact - making it the perfect study companion! Discover more about the geography and history of the Bible Lands, such as where Jesus was born and where The Last Supper took place.

Bible Character Visual Encyclopedia takes an innovative and inspiring visual approach to a subject that can often be difficult for children to engage with. It's perfect for children aged 7-11 years who have an interest in religion, as well as Bible class teachers, youth groups, and schools.