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Collins Primary Atlas 7th ED (Paperback)

by Harpercollins Publishers
ISBN: 9780008485948
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Discover the world with this engaging, educational atlas from Collins

Collins Primary Atlas is a great introduction to mapping of the UK, Europe and all major regions of the world. It supports the Key Stage 2 curriculum and is suitable for children aged 7-11 years.

This new, fully up-to-date edition includes information on map reading skills, the meaning of scale and measuring distances, and is ideal for classroom use or home learning.

Reference maps:
* Informative, politically coloured and easy-to-read
* National capitals and major cities are clearly labelled
* Maps are supported with national flags and basic national statistics

Continental maps:
* Linked to regional mapping
* Supported by a selection of aerial and terrestrial photographs
* Relief maps show layer colouring and highlight major physical features

This atlas is also available in a Kindle format. The next atlas in the series is the Collins School Atlas, suitable for ages 11+ and KS3.