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by Alexandra Sheppard
ISBN: 9781407188737
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Life as a half-mortal teenager should be epic. But, for Helen Thomas, it's tragic. She's just moved in with her dorky dad and self-absorbed older siblings - who just happen to be Greek gods, living incognito in London! It's hard not to feel inferior when your older sister is Aphrodite, queen of beauty and massive star of social media. Not to mention introducing a boy to your dad when he's really Zeus. Between keeping her family's true identities secret, trying to impress her new friends, and meeting Marco, an actually cute boy, Helen's stress levels are higher than Mount Olympus. Especially as it seems like someone is determined to expose the family secret and have them banished from the mortal world. Can Helen find a way to save her family, or will she lose them forever? Fabulous friendships, sparky romance, and a family like no other Alex Sheppard is an hilarious new voice in the world of funny, relatable teen fiction Perfect for fans of Geek Girl and To All the Boys I've Loved Before