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Recipes from My Russian Grandmother's Kitchen

by Makhonko Elena
ISBN: 9780754829829
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This book helps you discover the rich and varied character of Russian cuisine in 60 traditional dishes. You can explore the distinctive tastes of Russian cooking, in a collection of authentic and delicious recipes passed down through the generations. You can learn about the culinary mix of wholesome peasant dishes and the influence of indulgent dishes from the imperial court. It features a wide variety of soups, tempting appetizers, mouthwatering fish, meat and vegetable dishes, and rich desserts, cakes and pastries. It is beautifully illustrated by more than 300 photographs. Russian cuisine is a combination of cultural and geographical influences, combining indigenous traditions and local ingredients with imperial extravagance and modern imports. The foundations of Russia's cooking lie in the hearty food of the rural population, with plentiful fish, poultry, game, mushrooms and berries. The recipes included in this evocative book are much-loved Chicken Kiev, and Pelmini (little dumplings). There is also the salmon-filled pie Koulibiac, classic Beef Stroganoff, and the fabulous Easter dessert, Pashka. You can capture the essence of authentic Russian food with this evocative book, and create its nourishing dishes in your own home.