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Redemption Song

by Amanda Coetzee
ISBN: 9781770102316
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Original price R 220.00
R 220.00
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A thrilling adventure set in Albania that sees Badger, aka Harry O'Connor, using his wits and his Traveller connections as he tries to save a mother and her daughter from the control of a brutal local warlord. Beth, a fourteen-year-old English girl finds herself in more trouble than she could ever imagine when she runs away from home in Bedford. Fast forward twelve years. Badger is on long leave from the London Metropolitan Police Force and living once again with the Traveller community as he heals physically and mentally from his previous case. At the request of Emily Meadows, in Bad Blood the social worker love interest who he worked with to solve the serial killer case, Badger sets off to the unlikely location of Albania on a mission to rescue a mother and daughter from the brutal control of Jak Kraja, an Albanian warlord. When things go horribly wrong, Badger finds himself forced to call in favours from his former police colleagues and in desperation he turns to the mysterious Albanian Traveller community for help as he seeks to escape the country. What follows is a thrilling race for survival as Badger pits his wits and skills against the wily cunning of Kraja and his henchmen.