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Ripleys Believe! Weird True Facts HB

by Ripley
ISBN: 9781529125696
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Explore our wonderful world through some of its weirdest, most astonishing and interesting facts. From the editors at Ripley's and IFL Science comes a book that will fascinate, entertain and give a deeper understanding of the world around us - as well as provide some nifty facts for your next family quiz!

Did you know that there may be mini black holes passing through Earth every day? Or that the secrets of digestion were discovered by testing on a gentleman who was curiously living with a 6-inch hole in his stomach? What if we told you the colour pink isn't real? These are all Weird True Facts.

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Weird True Facts is compulsory reading for anyone interested in science, the natural world and beyond but also for anyone looking for a tantalising fact for their next networking event. Prepare to be amazed by these very weird, all true, believe-it-or-not facts!