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The Divine Practice of Angel Numbers: Raise Your Vibration with the Archangels

by Llewellyn Publications,U.s.
ISBN: 9780738766713
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Raise Your Vibration with the Archangels. A new energy that the angels call ascension energy is sweeping the planet. The Divine Practice of Angel Numbers shows how angels use special numbers to connect with you and teach specific ascension energy lessons. You will read in-depth descriptions of thirteen archangels, such as Metatron, Uriel, and Ariel and thirteen numbers, each of which indicates a special lesson that the angels are lovingly sending to you. With special numbers like 000, 555, 1010, and 1111, the angels are trying to help us move into a state of awakening. They want us to step into out divine selves and start living from a new, expanded perspective. Their lessons are focused on important spiritual and emotional milestones like letting go, becoming more comfortable with change, connecting with twin-flame energy, moving beyond the ego, and many more. For each number, you will receive a short affirmation-style message from the angel, a deeper message, a description of the angel, a visualization or meditation, an angel connection prayer and automatic writing prompt, and an exercise for putting the number's energy into the suggested crystal. The ascension lessons in this book will be just what you need to hear. The ascension lessons are meant to increase your joy, happiness, health, and well-being. With the help of this book, you can learn to gently open the door and start receiving more guidance and support from the angels, without having to make a deep commitment to any one angel in particular. Author Leeza Robertson provides advice for easy ways to work with this book and start receiving the loving energy and blessings of the angels each and every day.