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The Game of Hearts: The lives and loves of Regency women

by Bonnier Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781788707329
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Taking us behind drawing room doors and into high society ballrooms, The Game ofHearts follows six leading ladies and their family, friends, and contemporaries asthey move from matchmaking to matrimony and beyond. Candid insights into thecompetitive world of the marriage mart; real stories of rakish husbands and richheiresses; and true tales of lost and long-lasting love, reveal not just Regencycourtship customs, but truly captivating lives.

Using diaries, letters and stories of scandal from the newspapers, author FelicityDay pieces together a rich and intimate view of this most beloved period of Britishhistory, showcasing the voices and opinions, hopes and desires of the real womenwho lived and loved in the Regency era.