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The Sweet Poison Quit Plan: How to kick the sugar habit and lose weight fast

by Wordsworth Books
ISBN: 9780718179045
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Cure your sweet tooth with The Sweet Poison Quit Plan

Sugar is addictive and bad for us.

We eat 2 pounds of added sugar a week - to counter-balance this keep the weight off you need to run 4.5 miles a day.

When David Gillespie cut sugar from his diet he lost 6 stone - and it kept it off. His secret was discovering that we're not designed to consume sugar and that unless we cut it out, any exercising or dieting we do is, ultimately, doomed to failure. His approach is plain and simple: eat what you like, when you like, but don't eat sugar.

The Sweet Poison Quit Plan teaches you:

* How food manufacturers feed our addiction by adding sugar to non-sweet products
* How to remove sugar from your diet and eliminate its lifestyle habits
* How to interpret confusing labelling as you shop sugar-free
* How to make delicious sugar-free treats, from ice cream to brownies

Showing why we're addicted to sugar and packed with clear, easy-to-follow advice on how to break that addiction, David Gillespie's The Sweet Poison Quit Plan is the most straightforward and sustainable guide to losing weight and improving well-being you're ever likely to read. Start now!