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The World Needs A Father (Paperback)

by Christian Art Gifts Inc
ISBN: 9781415342701
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The most fundamental flaw in society is fatherlessness. It is time to delve into the roots of this problem in ourselves and in our communities. It is time to recognize the impact of father wounds in our own lives. Some of those wounds have created hell on earth, not heaven. It is time to seriously take up the responsibility of fatherhood so that the sins of our fathers will not continue to destroy God’s marvelous intention for our lives. It is the time to recognize how a world suffers when Father God is not taken seriously and when His ways are not transferred by His image bearers.

The World Needs A Father will be your guide to understand your role as a father so that the ripples can start flowing through your home, your community and eventually the world. You will learn how a father:
  • Establishes moral authority
  • Confers identity
  • Provides security
  • Affirms potential