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ISBN: 9781538753286
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Ella McMillan has left her boyfriend and her career on the road as a country music fiddler. Determined to reboot her life, Ella returns to Magnolia Harbor to reconnect with her mother. But her mom has other plans in mind -- wedding plans. Turns out she's engaged to the town doctor and wants Ella to work with the doctor's straightlaced, boring son, Dylan, to plan the happy event. Only problem is Dylan's opposed to the marriage.

Dr. Dylan Killough is more interested in breaking up the bride and groom than picking out their wedding menu. But unfortunately for him, the bride's frustratingly charming daughter, Ella, is determined to please her mother at all costs. When Ella's mother morphs into a bridezilla, Dylan should be triumphant. Instead he finds himself wanting to be the one person Ella can depend on -- if only she'll let herself. Would it be so wrong for him to allow their parents to have a happy ending -- and possibly themselves?