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When The Rivers Run Dry

by Fred Pearce
ISBN: 9781903919583
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The world is running out of water. Even in the UK our reservoirs empty and there are drought warnings and hose pipe bans each year. Some of world's largest rivers now trickle into sand miles from the ocean, exhausted by human need. Water is 'the new oil' - except we can live without oil; there are no alternatives to fresh water. From Kent to Kenya, Fred Pearce explores the complex origins of the growing world water crisis. His vivid reportage reveals the personal stories behind failing rivers, barren fields, pollution, desertification, floods and water wars. Is there hope? Yes - but only if we revolutionize the way we treat water. This phenomenally important book shows us just how essential it is that each one of us takes responsibility for the way we use this crucial resource now - before all our rivers run dry.