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Where the Wild Dads Went

by 20210603
ISBN: 9780571370443
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UPDATED EDITION FOR 2021: THE PERFECT GIFT FOR HARDWORING DADS EVERYWHERE! BUYING THIS BOOK SUPPORTS THE BIG ISSUE FOUNDATION Illustrated by the award-winning Sholto Walker, this is the hilarious sequel to Where the Wild Mums Are . . . because hardworking dads still have a wild side! The night Dad had a few cheeky ones after work, forgot the milk and tripped over the rubbish, Mum called him A Wild Thing and said "Don't mind me!" and spent the rest of the night on the phone . . . In this hilarious, touching homage to Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are, a tired and emotional dad finds himself drifting off to the place where the Wild Dads went. 'Now PARTYYYYYYYYYY!' he said. In a riot of dad dancing and air guitar, he is at the centre of a great escape, but pretty soon he begins to miss the place he left behind . . .