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World's Worst Military Disasters: Battlefield Calamities from the Ancient World to the Present Day

by Chris McNab
ISBN: 9781782749813
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World's Worst Military Disasters examines some of the worst battle defeats in military history from ancient times through to the present day, including some of the most famous battles in history. The accounts range from remarkable stories of how the world's great powers met military defeat at the unlikely hands of ill-equipped native peoples, such as the events at Little Big Horn, to embarrassing technical failures and miscommunication evidenced during Operation Eagle Claw. World's Worst Military Disasters investigates military catastrophes originating from all kinds of circumstances. Each fascinating account gives a full and detailed analysis of the events leading up to the disaster, followed by studies of the strategies used during the manoeuvres and the reasons for their failure. Learn about the blunders at Pearl Harbor, the attack at Stirling Bridge and find out the reasons for thousands of people dying at the siege and fall of Jerusalem. Each story is highly illustrated bringing every battle and military mishap to life, plus key facts outline the most important information and allows the reader the see facts at a glance. Whether the result of enemy action or pure human error, World's Worst Military Disasters offers an educational and riveting read.