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Yoga Fun for Toddlers, Children, and You

by Juliet Pegrum
ISBN: 9781907030147
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"Yoga Fun" introduces children to yoga in a fun, playful, and safe way. Yoga teacher and mother Juliet Pegrum shows how children from the age of three can enjoy the benefits of many classic yoga poses, which promote flexibility, strength, concentration, good posture and self-confidence. All kids will love yoga's famous Animal Poses, from the cat and lion to the downward dog, and the chapter on Object Poses is great fun, too - do the teapot, be a boat, table or chair, or master that Lotus position. The Dynamic Poses are good for older children, helping them to build balance and strength, while Group Poses encourage more interaction, from two children making a wheelbarrow to a little group holding hands with toes together to create the blossoming Lotus pose. Also included are special chapters on breathing, music, visualization and relaxation, along with a workout section with sequences of poses for children of 3-6 and 7-11 years. There is also a vitalizing workout sequence to help kids expend some of that surplus energy, plus a workout for tranquility and relaxation. Illustrated throughout with more than 200 colour photographs, "Yoga Fun" is packed full of fun techniques they will love to learn.