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Your Left-handed Child: Making things easy for left-handers in a right-handed world

by Lauren Milsom
ISBN: 9780600614807
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Being a left-handed child in a world geared to the right-handed majority can be challenging, and it can be very difficult for a right-handed parent to give early guidance in even the simplest everyday activities when approached from the wrong position. In "Your Left-handed Child," leading expert in left-handedness Lauren Milsom describes simple but effective strategies to help the very young through to teenagers overcome the many hurdles they might encounter at school and home. Help your younger child, for example, master the difficult tasks of handwriting, getting dressed and using cutlery, and your older child use woodworking tools or play guitar. With the invaluable advice in this book to hand your left-handed child will be confident and capable, and left-handedness need never become an issue.