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  • H is for Hawk — Helen Macdonald

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    A true story about a spiritual journey and a complex relationship between a grieving woman and a goshawk: Helen Macdonald’s interest in falconry stems from a childhood obsession with birds and was encouraged by her father. When he passes away, she is overcome with grief and decides to retreat from her normal life and train her own goshawk.  And so Mabel is acquired. But she is not a pet so much as a force to be negotiated with, and all romantic notions of the sport of falconry are banished.

  • Go Set a Watchman — Harper Lee

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    There has been loads of publicity surrounding the release of Go Set a Watchman, the draft that was written before To Kill a Mockingbird – which we know to be one of the important novels of the twentieth century. Disregarding questions about whether or not it should have been published at all, the book does serve to provide more context to the original story.

  • How Long Will South Africa Survive? The Looming Crises — R W Johnson

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    In 1977 R W Johnson published a book with the same title pertaining to the apartheid government. Now he poses the same question to the ANC. He provides a logical, fascinating analysis (even if it’s a horrified fascination) of the last 20 years, the nature of the ANC and Zuma’s rule, and the resulting backward slide of our country towards complete bankruptcy.

  • Heart of Redness — Zakes Mda

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    Published in 2000, Heart of Redness tells the story of Camugu, now returned from exile to post-apartheid South Africa, intent on being a part of rebuilding his country. He visits a small village and becomes embroiled in a conflict started in the mid-19th Century: the prophetess Nonqawuse preached salvation for the Xhosa people if they slaughtered their cattle and burned their crops, thus reviving their ancestors who would drive the English oppressors into the Sea.

  • Kostalgie — Barbara Joubert

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    Kosboeke is deesdae net soveel koffietafel- as resepteboeke, en hierdie pragstuk is ‘n uitstekende voorbeeld hiervan. Die groot hardebandboek met die lieflike  geëmbosseerde borduur-buiteblad maak ‘n mens se knieë lam. Die foto’s binne-in verplaas ‘n mens in ‘n ander wêreld. Barbara het as kosredakteur van SARIE al baie gereis en uiteraard baie geure beleef.

  • Ver in die Wêreld, Sushi —Koos Kombuis

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    Hierdie is Koos se vyfde rubriekebundel en bevat skrywes wat deur die jare in verskeie tydskrifte en koerante verskyn het. Hy lug sy opinie oor ‘n wye verskeidenheid onderwerpe, dikwels met ‘n opgetrekte wenkbrou en sy “maar ek dink anders”-houding. Soos ons hom mos maar ken. Tog interessant hoe die verloop van jare selfs ‘n vrydenkende, individualistiese gees so ‘n bietjie temper.