Winnie Rust Remembered

Winnie Rust was a South African writer. She was 76 years old at the time of her murder and had already lived in Wellington more than 60 years.

In 1954 Rust was head girl of the local Huguenot High School. Her father, Dr. CP van der Merwe, was rector of the Huguenot College. Over the years many of her stories published in popular and literary journals. She wrote no contributions for teens and women diaries and works on her town and its history, and was involved in the town museum. From 2000 onwards, the author of the column “postscript” in the Paarl Post.

Rust was a beloved resident of Wellington who was involved in the history of the town. Among the books she has written, including Margie of the Seminary and other stories, Martha Countess of Stamford and Terk. Martha has been shortlisted for the Report / Rabie Prize in 2005. This book, her first novel, stemmed from her contribution to the history of Wellington and District until 2000. Hers “Lead vriend’lik light” in 2006 included in the anthology on farm stories by Riana Scheepers, the Galaxy has star dropped. Between her writing door Rust closely involved in reading and poetry circles and also from time to time digkunsprogramme set and led book discussions.

Sadly she passed away on 11 May 2016 in Wellington, Western Cape. Her husband, Dr. Matthew Rust (87), found her murdered at their home in Wellington. She is survived by her husband and their four children and six grandchildren.


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