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Graphic Novels for Kids & Teens

Graphic Novels for Kids & Teens

Graphic novels have gained a great reputation for encouraging a love of books in reluctant readers, but they're also so much more! Graphic novels for younger children make a fun alternative to early readers, while the format encourages visual literacy for all ages. Details in each panel combine with the text to help tell the story on an even deeper level than illustrations in your typical picture book. 

While stalwarts of the genre like Asterix and Tintin will always be favourites, we are truly living in a golden age of graphic novels for children and teenagers. Read on to learn more about our favourites!

Graphic Novels for Kids 6 - 9

Cat Ninja - Matthew Cody - R 180.00

cat ninja

Beware, villains! Cat Ninja may appear to be nothing more than a silly internet meme. But he is evil's greatest enemy, and the silent master of Kat Fu and carpet scratching!

Raised from a kitten by a kindly old ninja master, Claude now spends his days as the pampered house cat of an eleven-year-old boy. But when trouble arises, Claude dons his mask and springs into action as Cat Ninja - Metro City's secret protector!

In Book 1 of the series, follow our feline hero's early exploits as he tries to keep his secret identity under wraps while thwarting the evil plans of slimy thugs, rampaging robots, and a certain rodent nemesis who lives under the same roof!

The Bright Family - Matthew Cody, Derick Brooks, & Carol Klio Burrell - R180

bright family - wordsworth books

Meet the brilliant, overachieving Bright Family: While Mom's off-planet literally saving the world and Dad's holed up in his laboratory, 12-year-old Nia's trying to win every robotics competition, and her younger brother, Jayden...well, actually, Jayden's just trying to avoid doing his homework so has more time to daydream about kaiju and design giant robots.

But when a dimensional portal sends Mom and Dad who-knows-where, it's up to Nia and Jayden (and their robot nanny, Dusty) to bring their parents home. The question is, where in the multiverse could they possibly be?

Through their travels, the Brights-kids and parents alike-learn how one person's actions can lead to consequences that affect the whole family, and sometimes even the entire multiverse!

Hilda and the Troll - Luke Pearson - R230

hilda and the troll - wordsworth books

Hilda can never sit still for long without setting off on another adventure. She can't resist exploring her enchanting world - a place where trolls walk, crows speak, and mountains move. The magic and folklore of the wild, windswept North come alive in this book about an adventurous little girl and her habit of befriending anything, no matter how curious it might seem.

While on an expedition to illustrate the magical creatures of the mountains around her home, Hilda spots a mountain troll. As the blue-haired explorer sits and sketches, she slowly starts to nod off. By the time she wakes up, the troll has totally disappeared and, even worse, Hilda is lost in a snowstorm. On her way home, Hilda befriends a lonely wooden man, and narrowly avoids getting squashed by a lost giant.

This brand new paperback edition of Hilda and the Troll offers a fresh chance to read the very first outing in Luke Pearson's ever-popular series of magical Hilda adventures.

Graphic Goddess Girls 2: Persephone The Phony - Joan Holub, Suzanne Williams, David Dampiti - R270

goddess girls Persephone the phony - wordsworth books

Persephone's mom encourages her to "go along to get along" instead of doing what she really wants, and Persephone follows her advice even when it makes her feel like a fake.

When she meets Mount Olympus Academy troublemaker Hades, she finally feels she has found someone she can be herself with. He's the first person who actually listens to her, and she finds herself liking him, despite the fact that the other goddess girls think he's bad news. 

But if he makes her feel so special - and she's so comfortable hanging around him - can he really be all that bad?


Graphic Novels for Kids 10 - 12

Lightfall 1: The Girl & the Galdurian - Tim Probert - R250

Book 2: Shadow of the Bird

lightfall - tim probert - wordsworth books

The first book of the Lightfall series introduces Bea and Cad, two unlikely friends who get swept up in an epic quest to save their world from falling into eternal darkness.

Deep in the heart of the planet Irpa stands the Salty Pig’s House of Tonics & Tinctures, home of the wise Pig Wizard and his adopted granddaughter, Bea. As keepers of the Endless Flame, they live a quiet and peaceful life, crafting medicines and potions for the people of their once-prosperous world.

All that changes one day when, while walking through the woods, Bea meets Cad, a member of the Galdurians, an ancient race thought to be long-extinct. Cad believes that if anyone can help him find his missing people, it’s the Pig Wizard.

But when the two arrive home, the Pig Wizard is nowhere to be found—all that’s left is the Jar of Endless Flame and a mysterious note. Fearing for the Pig Wizard’s safety, Bea and Cad set out across Irpa to find him, while danger fights its way out of the shadows and into the light.

This is one of my all-time favourite graphic novel series. The illustrations are beautiful, with some of the most stunning use of colour I've ever seen! Lightfall feels like a Dungeons and Dragons campaign in graphic novel form, and will fill any fantasy fan with the spirit of adventure. My favourite thing about it (and there are many) is how it depicts anxiety and shows our main character learning to manage her fears and take control of her situation. - Kelly, Marketing

New Kid - Jerry Craft - R245

new kid - jerry craft - wordsworth books

Seventh grader Jordan Banks loves nothing more than drawing cartoons about his life. But instead of sending him to the art school of his dreams, his parents enroll him in a prestigious private school known for its academics, where Jordan is one of the few kids of color in his entire grade.

As he makes the daily trip from his Washington Heights apartment to the upscale Riverdale Academy Day School, Jordan soon finds himself torn between two worlds - and not really fitting into either one. Can Jordan learn to navigate his new school culture while keeping his neighborhood friends and staying true to himself? 

Graphic Novels for Teens and Young Adults

Demon in the Wood: A Shadow and Bone Graphic Novel - Leigh Bardugo, Dani Pendergast - R380

demon in the wood - leigh bardugo and dani pendergast - wordsworth books

Before he led Ravka's Second Army, before he created the Fold, and long before he became the Darkling, he was just a lonely boy burdened by an extraordinary power...

Eryk and his mother, Lena, have spent their lives on the run. But they will never find a safe haven. They are not only Grisha - they are the deadliest and rarest of their kind. Feared by those who wish to destroy them and hunted by those who would exploit their gifts, they must hide their true abilities wherever they go. But sometimes deadly secrets have a way of revealing themselves...

This beautifully illustrated adaptation of Leigh Bardugo's short story is a must-have for any fan of the Grishaverse. Dani Pendergast's stunning artwork adds to the already rich aesthetic of the Grishaverse, while the story itself gives us more insight on one of the most polarising characters in YA fiction. It's a quick read, but deeply impactful. As a self-proclaimed problematic Darkling stan, I loved this. - Kelly, Marketing*

The Heartstopper Yearbook - Alice Oseman - R355.01

heartstopper yearbook - alice oseman - wordsworth books

The full-colour Heartstopper Yearbook is packed full of exclusive content from the Heartstopper universe - including never-before-seen illustrations, an exclusive mini-comic, a look back at Alice's Heartstopper artwork over the years, character profiles, trivia, and insights into her creative process - all narrated by a cartoon version of Alice herself.

Heartstopper is about love, friendship, loyalty and mental illness. It encompasses all the small stories of Nick and Charlie's lives that together make up something larger, which speaks to all of us.

The Heartstopper Yearbook is an absolute treat for any Heartstopper fan, whether they've read every volume or only watched the Netflix adaptation. For new fans, this gives a whistle-stop introduction to the main characters, while day ones will enjoy journeying down memory lane and learning the history of Heartstopper.

As you would expect from Alice Oseman, the illustrations are charming, vibrant, and sure to bring a smile to your face. The mini-comics are adorable, and will help you fall even more in love with this wonderful cast of characters. - Kelly, Marketing*

Heartstopper volume 1 (Netflix tie-in) - Alice Oseman - R310.01

heartstopper volume 1 netflix tie in - alice oseman - wordsworth books

Charlie and Nick are at the same school, but they've never met... Until one day when they're made to sit together. They quickly become friends, and soon Charlie is falling hard for Nick, even though he doesn't think he has a chance.

But love works in surprising ways, and Nick is more interested in Charlie than either of them realised.



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*Thank you to Jonathan Ball Publishers for providing review copies of the marked books

Are you interested in any of these? Let us know in the comments!

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