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Nine Hours

by Lukhanyo Sikwebu
ISBN: 9780795710407
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Naomi Mandisa Nel leads a secret life as a vigilante assassin, making sure justice is served where the system has failed to bring criminals to book. It is a life her policeman fiancé knows nothing about. Now she has been recruited to join a team of operatives on a risky mission to save schoolgirls who have been kidnapped by terrorists in Northern Mozambique. They have a window period of only nine hours to infiltrate the enemy camp deep in the Doente Forest and extract the girls before they are moved and might disappear forever. Before the terrorist grow stronger and succeed in their plan of toppling the government. Meanwhile, Aisha Ezekwesili, one of the abductees, has a daring escape plan. But if she fails and is recaptured, she will surely be killed . . . Filled with adventure and suspense, Nine Hours is a novel about courage and justice that will keep you reading with bated breath until the very end.