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A Change of Heart: Realigning Your Life to Unlock Your Potential (Paperback)

by Dr Gerdi van den Berg
ISBN: 9781920608248
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Some self-help titles focus strongly on the theories behind human behaviour; others offer practical advice for change. It is seldom, however, that a book offers both a solid scientific foundation and practical steps to improve people's lives in the long term.

A Change of Heart is divided into three parts: First, it investi- gates why our efforts to improve are seldom successful. With relatable case studies, it illustrates how harmful hurts, habits and hang-ups keep surfacing despite people's best efforts. Sec- ondly, it builds a solid foundation for long-term change by pro- moting true self-knowledge. We get to know our constituent parts and the role each one plays in our identity and behaviour. The third part presents the reader with practical steps to follow on the road to truth and wholeness. It is filled with real-life prin- ciples that help one to align your life to life-giving convictions that bring peace, joy and wisdom.

A Change of Heart is aimed at individuals who want to tackle is- sues they struggle with, small groups who gather for Bible study or fellowship, ministry students, as well as Christian psycholo- gists and counsellors. It can be merchandised under Self-help, Counselling, or Christian living.