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Astrochimp (Paperback)

by David Walliams, Adam Stower
ISBN: 9780008649555
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From million-copy bestselling author David Walliams comes a laugh-out-loud animal space adventure.
Chump the chimpanzee was always being silly. He would:
- make rude noises from BOTH ENDS…
- pick his nose with his little toe…
- eat the skins of bananas, hurling out the tasty part inside.

NASA’s scientists thought he’d be the PERFECT chimp to send into space. Little did Chump know that he had been selected for a deadly-dangerous mission. If a chimp could orbit Earth, then chances were a human could too.

With Chump the chimp at the controls of a spacecraft, what could possibly go wrong?

As it turned out, EVERYTHING.

Blast off with Chump, and encounter dog space pirates, evil insects, and the silliest chimpanzee who ever lived in this wildly funny space opera, fully illustrated in fantastic colour.