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Butter Boards: 100 Inventive and Savory Spreads for Entertaining

by Harpercollins Focus
ISBN: 9781646434220
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From the delicious trend that took the internet by storm comes Butter Boards, featuring over 100 savory spreads and complementary recipes to take your entertaining to the next level.

Whether it's a gorgeous board for a formal dinner party or a simple afternoon snack, these lavish spreads instantly elevate any occasion. This cookbook expertly breaks down 50 butter board spreads. Each board features a number for each ingredient, so you can quickly find recipes and reconstruct these boards with ease. Just match the number on the board to the recipe in the book to arrange striking platters or put a new spin on your favorite recipes.

Inside you'll find:

  • 50 carefully curated boards built around popular and festive themes
  • How-to guides for creating contrasts of flavor and texture to assemble memorable assortments
  • Over 50 inventive preparations that will take your butter boards from so-so to spectacular
  • Seasonally focused recipes to keep your boards fresh
  • Gorgeous photographs to help you select the perfect board presentation

This step-by-step method allows you to simply replicate these boards or use them as a starting point for your own customizable spreads. With a wide variety of flavor combinations and stunning presentation, it's guaranteed that everyone will keep reaching for more. Master the art of the butter board with this eye-catching cookbook.