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Dare to Believe: Why I Could Not Stay in the DA (Paperback)

by Musi Maimane
ISBN: 9780796165909
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Dare to Believe is a poignant narrative of resilience, courage, and hope in the face of adversity. Mmusi Maimane invites readers on a journey through his personal experiences, from the hardships of Apartheid-era Soweto to the corridors of power in post-liberation South Africa. 

With insights drawn from his political career and a deep commitment to justice, Maimane shares the travails of party politics, the difficult task of transforming the DA, and his vision for a South Africa where all races can live and prosper together.

This book challenges us to confront the realities of inequality and division while daring to envision a nation united in prosperity and peace. It is a call to restore democracy back to the people and a compelling articulation of Maimane’s belief in the transformative power of unity and the promise of a better tomorrow.