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Feed My Tribe (Paperback)

by Mmule Setati
ISBN: 9781485901426
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From an early age Mmule Setati was aware of her ‘tribe’ – her parents, grandparents and siblings. And as time passed her tribe grew to include friends and extended family; i.e. those she loved, was intensely proud of and wanted to nurture. Inspired and guided by her maternal grandmother, Mmule developed a passion for food and used it as the clearest way to demonstrate the love she felt for her tribe. This set a pattern for her life and led her on a journey of endless adventure. Now as a wife, mother and rising social media tour de force, her tribe is impressive, and she still expresses her love via her kitchen and the meals that emerge from it. Mmule is the first to admit that being a homemaker while running her own business is a challenge, but one she accepts with boundless enthusiasm and creativity.
Are you looking for something healthy and nutritious on a weeknight, but quick to prepare? A child-friendly version of a popular dish? Perhaps something to spoil your significant other on a date night, without having to spend half the date in the kitchen? Or maybe you’d like to wow your guests for a special get together? Possibly impress your in-laws with your modern take on a traditional favourite? Look no further.  In Feed My Tribe,  Mmule has you covered for all of these. Even if you’re a beginner, with her tips and advice, she will make you feel like an experienced chef in your own kitchen.