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A Gentleman Ought to Know

by Sourcebooks, Inc
ISBN: 9781728217345
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Fans of Bridgerton and Georgette Heyer won't want to miss this sparkling Regency romance series from bestselling author Jane Ashford. Prepare to waltz into a delightfully detailed historical world featuring:

A tenacious lady who wants to forge her own path

A guarded marquess with a troubled past
An unresolved mystery that brings them together
And a love stronger than anything that might want to keep them apart

Charlotte Deeping needs something to keep her occupied now that she's back home after her first London season. She misses solving local intrigues with her school friends, but they've all gone off and gotten married. Then Laurence Lindley, the Marquess of Glendarvon, comes for a visit, and drops a mystery right into her lap.

When Charlotte's brother makes her promise not to interrogate the marquess, she agrees. But that only means she'll have to find more subtle ways to learn about the mysterious marquess and his past. The more time they spend together, the closer Charlotte gets to finding answers, and to Laurence. That is, until Charlotte's digging rouses an old vendetta and Laurence has to delve into his own history to help the young lady he's come to love.

Praise for Jane Ashford's Regency romances:

"Complex characters, subtle romance, and all the sparkling wit and flirtatious banter of a Georgette Heyer novel."-Publishers Weekly for A Duke Too Far

"Required reading for fans of cleverly conceived, smartly written Regency historical romances."-Booklist for The Duke Knows Best

"An effervescent Regency romantic mystery."-Kirkus Reviews for A Duke Too Far