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Hanna's Daughters

by Orion Publishing Co
ISBN: 9781398710283
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'Brilliant ... Hanna's Daughters outlines the lives of three generations of women and their complicated relationships with one another' USA TODAY

'Hanna and her daughters are hard to shake off, lingering long after you've turned the last page ... Profound, moving' SHE

'Extremely moving and, as its bestseller status might suggest, hypnotically readable' SPECTATOR

Anna has returned from visiting her mother. Restless and unable to sleep, she wanders through her parents' house, revisiting the scenes of her childhood. In a cupboard drawer, folded and pushed away from sight, she finds a sepia photograph of her grandmother, Hanna, whom she remembers as old and forbidding, a silent stranger enveloped in a huge pleated black dress. Now, looking at the features Anna recognises as her own, she realises she is looking at a different woman from the one of her memory.

Set against the majestic isolation of the Scandinavian lakes and mountains, this is more than a story of three Swedish women. It is a moving testament of a time forgotten and an epic romance in every sense of the word.