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by Donald Miller
ISBN: 9781400232048
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There are four roles we play in life-Victim, Villain, Hero, and Guide. New York Times bestselling author Donald Miller teaches us how to recognize when we are playing the Victim or the Villain and how to shift to become the Hero or the Guide.

In his mid-20s, Donald Miller was lost. He was overweight and poor as a broken piggy bank. Lamenting the cards he was dealt, Donald was allowing himself to be a victim of circumstance. He knew something had to change. Standing in front of the mirror, he took responsibility for the choices he was making, beginning the transition from playing the victim to playing the hero in his life and finding the fulfillment he was searching for.

In this book, Donald shares the correlation between owning your life and finding more enjoyment in everything you do. He lays out the transformational, yet practical plan that took him from slowly losing sight of all his goals to rapidly gaining a new perspective of his own life's beauty and meaning, igniting his motivation, passion, and productivity.

The lessons in this book will teach you:

  • How to get on track and stay on track,
  • How to create a simple life plan that will bring clarity and meaning to your goals ahead
  • How to take control of your life by choosing to be the hero in your story.
  • The significance of the four roles we all play in life-Victim, Villain, Hero, and Guide-and what it means to play each of them.
  • How to take action, make life changes, and achieve the goals you set for your life and career.

Donald Miller will help you see all the options you have of being the hero in your own life, and then help you develop your own unique plan to get there.