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How to Teach Your Dragon to Say Help

by White Star
ISBN: 9788854418134
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Lily is a strong-minded little girl and she has a pet dragon! She has to teach it all the most important magic words: please, thank you, hello and sorry. It isn't always easy, though: the little dragon is a bit of a mischief maker and it doesn't always understand the meaning of those words. But Lily is patient and she'll make it understand that magic words can always help in every situation! Set in common environments for the kids, each board book is a fun and cute story for the little ones to learn magic words. Cute, little books with funny stories to make children understand the importance of the "magic words" to be polite. Practical examples of situations are provided, making it easier for the little ones to understand the significance and the use of the words. A new series by one of the most internationally appreciated White Star's illustrator.