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Incredible History: Lost Worlds Brought Back to Life (Hardcover)

by Dorling Kindersley Ltd
ISBN: 9780241381472
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A stunning visual celebration of the world's key historical events brought back to life.

If you could travel back in time, where would you go first? This awe-inspiring history book might be able to help you answer that!

Introducing Incredible History- a visual and informative celebration of the most exciting and influential moments in history and a lookback at some of the world's most incredible places.

So prepare to dive deep into the past with this all-encompassing history book, which promises:

-Photography of key modern-day historical sites and artefacts are juxtaposed with CGI reconstructions that turn the book into a time machine and bring scenes from the past back to life in marvellous detail
-Story boxes put the discovery in context and go behind the scenes to show you how archaeologists unearth the past
-Fascinating facts give the data and detail that show you what daily life was really like
-Each story is developed with an expert consultant ensuring its accuracy and realism

What were The Romans truly like? How did it feel to be on board The Titanic? What was life like when Egyptians roamed? These are just a small handful of riveting questions that can be answered by this historical encyclopedia.

Incredible History turns back time to reveal realistic reconstructions of the most incredible locations and exciting moments in history. Each story begins with an archaeological site, where you can learn when and how it was discovered, and what it teaches us about how the people who lived at the site might have spent their days. Then, you'll see the location recreated in jaw-dropping 3D detail! Using archaeological evidence, the people and places of the past will be brought back to life before your very eyes in this riveting read.

With each page jam-packed with fantastic facts and extraordinary pictures, Incredible History brings together the best bits of history and archaeology, to recreate the entire history of the world. From the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and the destruction of Pompeii, to the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt, patrolling the Great Wall of China to prehistoric humans on a hunt for mammoths, this all-encompassing history fact book truly does have something for everyone to love.

A must-have volume for history enthusiasts who want to see the past come to life, and doubling up as an ideal read for Kids 9+, parents and educators alike looking for an inspiring window into history. In fact, no other history book on the market uses 3D computer artwork to bring the past to life in such lavish detail.

DK is ready to take you on an inspiring journey into the past and beyond. Are you coming with us?