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Instant Appeal

by Harpercollins Focus
ISBN: 9781400232628
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What do some of the biggest business successes in the world have in common? The secret to who and what has staying power lies in deeply ingrained biological and anthropological codes we all subconsciously share.?This book teaches you about the instant appeal of evolutionary psychology as it applies to business today.

Instant Appeal reveals the often surprising yet proven reasons behind why we vote for certain people, listen to the same songs repeatedly, and favor one brand over another.

Communications consultant expert Vicki Kunkel illuminates the human universals that cause positive and negative chemical reactions in our brains, and shows how anyone can use them to advance their career, cause, company, or product.

In Instant Appeal, Kunkel reveals the secrets of the "stickiness" phenomenon such as:

  • observations about human behavior and hypotheses on how to market people, ideas, and things
  • how to use primal persuaders to make yourself stand out in a competitive marketplace and enhance your success
  • the science, insights, and statistics behind what it takes to create instant appeal and make the factors of attraction work for you and your business

The key is responsibility and the secrets of persuasion can be appealing and effective. When used in a reputable manner, the eight primal factors within Instant Appeal can help you achieve blockbuster success without abusing the power they contain.