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Joburg (Hardcover)

by Marc Hoberman
ISBN: 9781919939834
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Johannesburg! Joburg! Jozi! This is the South Africa’s largest and most vibrant city – a bustling, hustling, heady mix of cultures, people, history, innovation and traditions both old and new. Borne of an explosive gold rush in the 1880s, and showing no signs of slowing down, the city is often regarded as Africa’s economic powerhouse. The streets of Johannesburg tell an endless African story as street-level entrepreneurs vie with global conglomerates; informal African muti traders ply their wares outside glitzy shopping malls and traditional African attire mingles effortlessly with the sharp suits of Johannesburg’s “black diamonds”. The spirit of ubuntu is alive in the city’s townships. A center point of the Apartheid struggle, Soweto has produced two Noble Peace Prize winners in a single street! Today it is a living symbol of the rainbow nation’s spirit. Renowned South African photographer, Marc Hoberman, presents Johannesburg as never seen before, with an intimate look at life in this complex multifaceted, multicultural city.