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Lorenz: Breaking Hitler's Top Secret Code at Bletchley Park

by Jerry Roberts
ISBN: 9780750987707
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The breaking of the Enigma machine is one of the most heroic stories of the Second World War. But there was another German cipher machine, used by Hitler himself to convey messages to his top generals in the field. A machine more complex and secure than Enigma. A machine that could never be broken. For sixty years, no one knew about about Lorenz or `Tunny', or the determined group of men who finally broke the code and thus changed the course of the war. Many of them went to their deaths without anyone knowing of their achievements. Here, for the first time, codebreaker. Captain Jerry Roberts tells the complete story of this extraordinary feat of intellect and of his struggle to get his wartime colleagues the recognition they deserve. The work they carried out at Bletchley Park was groundbreaking and is recognised as having kick-started the modern computer age.