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Making Bread at Home

by Ingram Christine
ISBN: 9781780193380
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This title features 100 recipes for traditional breads of the world shown in 600 photographs. It includes great classic breads, such as Italian Ciabatta, French Baguettes, Irish Soda Bread, and San Franciscan Sourdough, as well as less well-known, but no less delicious breads, such as Portuguese Corn Bread, Welsh Clay Pot Loaves, and Syrian Onion Bread. A detailed step-by-step techniques section explains every stage of the bread-making process, as well as a complete guide to useful baking equipment. There is something undeniably special about freshly baked bread. Why does it smell so good? And what makes it so hard to resist? This comprehensive guide provides the answers, combining fabulous close-up photographs with essential information and delicious recipes. Organized by country, there are over 100 breads from every corner of the globe - from France and Italy to the West Coast of America. Each recipe includes step-by-step instructions, from mixing the dough to baking the loaf. Whether you'd simply like to identify an unusual bread, or want to try your hand at baking a classic loaf, this book is an essential addition to every cook's kitchen shelf.