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Nobody Panic: How to be a functioning adult without screaming

by Hodder & Stoughton General Division
ISBN: 9781529364408
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'Absolutely delightful, surprisingly useful and pleasingly absurd' - Rachel Parris

'Tessa and Stevie are two of the funniest people I know' - Nish Kumar

'A must-read for anyone struggling to be a convincing grown up' - Richard Herring

'Bloody funny and genuinely informative' - Ellie Taylor

Trying to get your life together? Got three dead houseplants, no debit card, and an exploded yoghurt in your bag? Useful, funny and life-affirming, Nobody Panic is an instruction manual for anyone with absolutely no idea what they're doing.

From the creators of the critically acclaimed podcast comes a series of How To guides for everything from job interviews to leaving a WhatsApp group, from understanding the oven to dealing with your best friend's new (astoundingly dull) partner. There's also a poem about taxes.

Comedians and professional panickers Tessa Coates and Stevie Martin are here to help you learn from their many, many mistakes, and remind you that when it comes to life, we're all in this together - so nobody panic.

Praise for the podcast:

'Hilarious and brilliant' - Grazia

'Witty, smart and oh-so-relatable' - Evening Standard

'Jaunty' - The Times