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Primates: Quick ID Guide to Africa's Great Apes, True Monkeys and Their Relatives (Paperback)

by Chris Stuart, Mathilde Stuart
ISBN: 9781775847939
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A new addition to the successful ‘Quick ID guide’ series, Primates is a succinct survey of the features and habits of our closest relatives. Divided into the three main primate groups – great apes, typical monkeys and prosimians (including the bushbabies) – this easy-to-use guide provides pertinent facts, annotated photographs and up-to-date distribution maps to help readers accurately identify the most commonly seen and charismatic primates in the field.

Each entry features:

• Full-colour photographs with pointers to diagnostic features
• Size, lifespan, key ID features
• Behavioural characteristics, diet, conservation status and similar species
• Distribution maps

A valuable guide for anyone with an interest in Africa’s primates and their habits